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Your Guide to Successful Virtual Real Estate Tours
February 03, 2022

The Benefit of a Virtual Home Tour

Virtual real estate tours have always been a safe, easy way to meet buyers and showcase homes without actually being there. Because open houses involve more than one individual, they can be complicated to plan in our current climate. Being prepared for these types of showings takes a significant amount of time. 

Suppose your interested buyer would desire to meet in person for a tour. In that case, you can still use a virtual real estate tour to give them a brief overview and employ pre-screening actions. Guarantee everyone is as healthy and low-risk as possible before you meet. After screening, you can move forward to in-person appointment scheduling. This way, time management is easier for all people involved.

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Virtual real estate tours are also a lot more likely to attract out-of-towners. Those living out of state will appreciate being able to check out a house and make knowledgeable decisions without traveling to visit a home that winds up not being everything that they want. This is also a great way to keep open houses private and avoid drawing stray passersby that aren’t really interested in buying but just want to get a peek of the property.

Some San Diego realtors are hesitant to invest in materials necessary to start virtual home tours. Some even ask, is it worth the long-term investment? Are virtual home tours still a thing? The truth is, virtual real estate tours have been on the rise for a while now. Even now that the pandemic is under control, agents are still implementing virtual home tours. You just need the experience to be ahead of the curve.   

What Does a Virtual Home Tour Require?

It has always been routine for sellers and agents to share real estate photographs of homes online. The problem with images is that they don’t move and can only give you a narrow representation of the space. Virtual real estate tours use 3D Matterport technology and shifting viewpoints to guide potential homebuyers through a 360-degree rendering of the home. 

Most virtual home tours include schematics, floor plans, and a dollhouse view to provide home buyers with a complete look at the house. You’ll be able to look inside each room, from floor to ceiling. In some ways, a virtual home tour can be even more helpful than visiting in person, as you’ll be able to effortlessly access it again and again. 

There is no limit on how long you can spend exploring every corner and cranny of the property. If you and your buyer schedule a physical viewing, later on, clients will already have a good idea of the house. They’ll know which places or areas they might like to inspect more closely before determining to take the next step.