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Vacation rentals are valuable pieces of property, but there are certain things that agents need to do to make them stand out to potential renters. When an owner decides to sell his or her vacation rental property, there are several factors to consider, such as making the house look as incredible as possible and understanding the market. When you get a good grasp of these goals, you’ll see more prospective buyers.

Vacation Rental Staging

Making use of proper staging techniques for vacation homes will help make your rental’s photos stand out among the listings. One easy tip is to put away personal effects that make the house look too much like a personal residence. Also, make sure the space is free from any clutter that might seem off-putting. Initial impressions are lasting and might make all the difference in the success or failure of a vacation property to sell. Most people would agree that it is better to take the extra time to stage things properly rather than do it all in a hurry and produce lackluster results.


As a real estate agent, it is your goal to have a successful listing, and there are many factors that can help make that happen. One of the most important, by far, is making sure your listing is easy to find in searches. While many buyers will, of course, search for rentals primarily by location, specific features are also worth keeping in mind. One thing that you should think about is what amenities in your rental stand out from those offered at similar properties in the same area. You never know which one of these features that might seem insignificant could be valuable in the long run.

Decorating Your Vacation Rental

The decor that you choose is important. Consider touches that are in keeping with the region’s local character, such as some antiques acquired locally. A vacation rental property should stand out largely by offering a distinctive appearance that tells everyone that it’s one of a kind. You also want to make sure that how you decorate does not stand out in a negative way. Avoid using forms of decor that are too “edgy” in settings where they would be very out of place.

When selling a vacation rental, the right staging, promotion and decorating make all the difference. Using all these elements the right way will help you market your rental most effectively.