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What if the Weather is Bad

Weather plays a significant role in planning real estate photography and videography sessions. Sunny days can make properties look warm and inviting, while gloomy weather might not show the property in the best light. However, weather is unpredictable, and not every scheduled shoot day will have perfect conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to have a plan in place for when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

We understand how important it is to keep your real estate marketing on track, regardless of a few raindrops or a cloudy sky. This means being prepared to handle various weather conditions and knowing how to adjust plans swiftly and effectively. In this article, we’ll explore several strategies that help us manage bad weather situations without compromising the quality of our real estate photos and videos. These tips and adjustments ensure that even under less-than-ideal weather conditions, your property can still shine in its visual presentations.

Impact of Weather on Real Estate Photography

Weather can significantly impact the outcome of real estate photography. Bright, sunny days can enhance the natural beauty of a property, make spaces appear larger and more open, and naturally attract potential buyers with appealing, vivid imagery. On the other hand, overcast conditions may present a challenge, as photos can appear flat and lack the vibrant appeal of those taken on sunnier days. Furthermore, severe weather like rain or snow can not only delay photography sessions but also hinder the ability to showcase exterior features such as landscapes or patios.

However, inclement weather doesn’t always have to be a disadvantage. Sometimes, unique atmospheric conditions can add a dramatic effect to imagery, such as moody skies or fresh snowfall, which can appeal to certain buyers. Understanding these impacts enables us to strategically plan and execute photography sessions that result in the best possible portrayal of a property, regardless of the weather conditions.

Preparing for a Shoot with Bad Weather Forecast

When a bad weather forecast threatens a scheduled photo shoot, preparation is key to ensuring that we can still deliver high-quality images. Firstly, we always monitor the weather reports in the days leading up to a shoot. This proactive approach gives us a heads up, allowing enough time to discuss potential rescheduling with our clients. In cases where the weather is unpredictable, we plan for both indoor and outdoor photography, prioritizing outdoor shots when weather permits.

We also prepare by packing protective gear for our equipment, ensuring that sudden changes in weather won’t damage sensitive gear. This includes having waterproof covers and moisture-absorbent materials. Additionally, understanding the property’s layout helps us quickly identify indoor areas that can provide appealing visual alternatives when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. By having a flexible approach and ready alternatives, we maintain our ability to conduct a productive photo session, emphasize a property’s strengths, and mitigate the challenges posed by adverse weather.

Options When Weather Disrupts Your Scheduled Shoot

When the weather turns poor and disrupts a scheduled real estate photography shoot, we have several options to keep the project moving forward. First, we can reschedule the outdoor portion of the shoot for a clearer day. We understand that time is of the essence in real estate listings, so we strive to be flexible and work with your schedule to set a new date as soon as possible.

Another option is to move forward with photographing the interior of the property. Often, indoor shoots can be completed regardless of the weather outside, allowing us to make progress in capturing the beauty of the home’s interior features. This approach helps ensure that we keep the project timeline as tight as possible, minimizing delays in marketing your property.

Lastly, if the project timeline is tight and waiting for clearer weather isn’t feasible, we can employ digital editing techniques to enhance the outdoor photographs. Techniques such as sky replacement can dramatically improve the appearance of exterior shots taken on cloudy or rainy days, ensuring the property looks enticing to prospective buyers.

Tips for Making the Most of a Rainy Day Shoot

Shooting on a rainy day may seem less than ideal, but with the right techniques, it can yield unique and compelling imagery. Using the natural diffused light that comes from overcast skies can reduce harsh shadows and highlight the natural colors of the property. Raindrops can also add a dynamic element to photographs, lending a fresh and vibrant look to gardens and outdoor features.

We take several steps to make the most out of these conditions. For instance, using protective gear to shield our equipment allows us to shoot comfortably despite the rain. We also focus on capturing the cozy, inviting aspects of the home that are accentuated by the weather – like a warm, lit fireplace or steam rising from a hot cup of coffee on a kitchen counter.

By emphasizing these elements, we can turn what could have been a disadvantage into a unique selling point for the property, showcasing how it can be a beautiful and comforting space in any weather.


Dealing with bad weather is a part of outdoor photography, but it doesn’t have to derail your real estate marketing efforts. With our professional expertise and flexibility, we ensure that your property is shown in the best possible light, rain or shine. From strategic rescheduling and maximizing indoor shoots to employing advanced editing techniques, we are prepared to handle the challenges posed by inclement weather.

At CURB360, we are committed to delivering high-quality real estate photos and videos that captivate and attract potential buyers. If you’re looking to showcase your property with stunning visuals, regardless of the weather, reach out to us today. Let’s make your property shine, no matter what the skies look like, through our best real estate photography!

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