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We’ve Got a Ton of Reasons to be Jolly by Golly!
December 17, 2021

Thanks to your feedback, we added a bunch of new features like the Smart Video Package, virtual staging, and a new booking app coming in 2022! And because of your referrals, we helped twice as many realtors this year than last.

CURB360 is known for being passionate about helping our San Diego realtors market and sell their listings in the best ways possible.

To attain that goal, we’re proud to have built a local team of San Diego professional photographers that know the community, and what it takes to showcase your property.

Without your enthusiasm and energy, we wouldn’t be where we are now. And because of you, we’ve hired more San Diego talent!

Let’s take a look at some of the people that make us tick!

Ciara R.  Since 2020
Hometown: Bay Area, California
San Diego since 1999
Position: Content Manager
Zone: San Diego and Temecula Counties
Mother of two really fun boys
Fun Fact: Favorite summer activity is turning my tongue blue with Gelato (ice cream)

Jessica S.  Since 2020
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
San Diego since 1996
Position: Operations Manager
Zone: San Diego and Temecula Counties
Happily Partnered with a really sweet 9 yr old boy
Fun Fact: I met the queen of England in South Africa while acting in a German wedding dress commercial.

Manny A. Since 2021
Hometown: Yuma, AZ
San Diego since 1997
Position: Photographer, Aerial, 3D
Zone: South and East County
Married with our first blessing on the way! 
Fun Fact: Dream of living on a homestead with permaculture and self-sustainability systems in place, to provide security & stability for my family as well as for future generations.

Myong H. Since 2016

Hometown: S Korea, raised in Guam
San Diego since 2016
Position: Lead Videographer, Photographer, Aerial, 3D, Luxury video editor
Zone: Temecula and North County
Happily married with 2 children 
Fun Fact: I love making music, YouTube videos, and hanging out with my family. Check my music video at

Angie G. Since 2014
Hometown: San Diego
Position: Retouch Manager
Happily Married with two beautiful girls
Fun Fact: Can tie a Maraschino Cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Pete N. Since 2021
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
San Diego since 2017
Position: Photographer, Videographer, Aerial, 3D
Happily married with a dog named Rezzy
Fun Fact: I was on the MTV MADE Reality show as a coach 12 years ago.

Saman D.  Since 2021
Hometown: Tehran, Iran
San Diego since 1998
Position: Photographer, Videographer, Aerial, 3D
Zone: South, Central, and North Counties
Single ready to mingle
Fun Fact: I go straight into baby talk as soon I see a dog!

Nick M.  Since 2020
Hometown: Bedford, TX
San Diego since 2006
Position: Lead Luxury Photographer, Photographer, Aerial, 3D
Zone: South, Central, and North Counties
Married with fur baby Sammy the dog
Fun Fact: Swam the Catalina channel

Brian M.  Since 20016
Hometown: Las Vegas
San Diego since 2007
Position: Lead Video Editor
Zone: Greater San Diego and Temecula Counties
Happily married with 3 children
Fun Fact:  I love to workout to old 80’s Heavy Metal Music.

Tanner M.  Since 20021
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Zone: North County
Position: Photographer, Aerial, 3D
In a solid relationship and looking for the perfect pet. 
Fun Fact:  Once had an epic day trip. Breakfast in SD, lunch in San Francisco, dinner in Vegas, and back home to SD.

Dominic Kawaja Since 2014
Hometown: Houston, TX
San Diego since 1991
Position: CEO | Founder
Fun Fact:  Lived in 3 countries, and loves homemade chocolate chip cookies!


Temecula and Murrieta are our newest service areas!

Known for being one of Cali’s best cities for wineries and as one of the most playful cities in the state. We are excited to announce that we are expanding into the Temecula and Murrieta areas!

If you are a real estate agent in the Temecula or Murrieta area and would like to separate yourself from the crowd, let us be your media partner!

You Spoke and We Listened…

We can’t believe the great reception we’ve had creating package our smart video package. We listened to feedback and delivered!

What makes this package brilliant is the fact that you’ll be MLS ready within 24-hours. Plus the package includes Professional PhotosHD Property Video, Free Sky ReplacementProperty Website Package, and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Now that’s real estate marketing that packs a punch and fits in with any budget!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Most importantly health, family, and YOU!

Happy Holidays from CURB360.