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If you’ve been in the San Diego real estate game for any amount of time, then you already know that the best real estate marketing ideas have come from the left field. While cold calling and compass prospecting will always work, technology keeps making San Diego realtors second-guess their value.

San Diego real estate marketing ideas

While a growth mindset has its advantages, you still need to find the new secret sauce and learn how to cook with it. To help you know where to find that sauce, we put together this list of what we think are the best San Diego real estate marketing ideas happening right now.

Network with Local Brands to Create Special Events for Your San Diego Listings

We’ve seen some of the best San Diego realtors leverage relationships. For example, one realtor we know networked with a local exotic car club to create an event that brought 80 high-net-worth individuals in 40 Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other supercars to their million-dollar San Diego listings.

Market Your San Diego Listings by Creating Videos That Sell a Lifestyle

Today’s San Diego buyers, fall in love with the home and how the neighborhood makes them feel; what could everyday life be like in this new place?

Videos catch folk’s attention and do a wonderful job conveying sentiment—especially short films that showcase well on social media. We tried this out in 2018, got a fantastic reaction, and put even more focus on the concept moving forward.

2X Your Closings by Branding Yourself on Zillow

Let’s be honest, with 180 million visitors, ALL of your leads are going to head to Zillow at some point, and most will never leave. This means you should definitely be marketing your services as an agent on Zillow! It is vital for success in 2021.

In fact, San Diego real estate agents who market themselves on Zillow close 2x the number of properties per year as realtors who don’t.

Start Your Own Real Estate Reality Series with YouTube

As a realtor, you are the star and there is no need to wait for HGTV or Bravo. What better way to brand yourself and share your story than with YouTube? (which is the second-largest search engine in the world) Utilize this amazing digital platform to also educate potential clients. You could start out by talking about:

  • Explain the buying process for buyers and sellers.
  • What to expect when selling or buying your home.
  • How escrow really works.

Using YouTube will help your potential clients pilot through great information about the San Diego real estate process, but also let prospects know about you and the value you can bring.

These are just a few of many, stay tuned for more, and until then…

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