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The home forms the backdrop of a family’s memories. Everything from birthday parties and holidays to quiet moments like family dinners and movie nights will take place within these special four walls. Finding the right dream home for your client’s family may not be easy — there are tons of possibilities and many factors to take into consideration, after all! However, here are some ways to streamline the process.

Type of Living Arrangement

A dream home comes in all shapes and sizes: single-family houses, condos, townhomes, and duplexes are just a few options. The right option for your clients will depend on the amenities they need and, in many cases, their budget. For some families, a house with a fenced-in yard is exactly what they need. For other families — especially those living in the city — an apartment or condo is perfect. Apartments can be a better fit for certain families, so based on the needs of the family, consider which one has the most space, quality, and the best amenities for that family to to happily live in.

Dream Home Location

When picking out property candidates for your clients to look at, don’t forget to take a peek at what lies beyond its four walls. Be sure to look for signs of a family-friendly neighborhood. What’s the area like at night versus daytime? Does it feel safe? Are there busy streets nearby? Do the local schools provide a high-quality education? How far is the commute to work? These are just a few questions that tend to be particularly important to families before they decide to put down roots in a certain neighborhood.

Outdoor Space

Kids love to stretch their legs and soak up the sunshine whenever they’re not in school. In the eyes of a child, a good home is one where they have ample outdoor space to play and explore. A fenced-in yard is the ideal, but a property don’t necessarily need a big backyard — or a yard at all — for kids to have fun outdoors. Courtyards, on-site playgrounds, neighborhood parks, and public sports complexes are all great outdoor spaces for kids. Before you add a property to the list of considerations for your client, take a look at the nearby green spaces.

Finding the right home for your client means taking into consideration not just their needs, but the needs of their children, too. Luckily, there are many housing options on the market that strike the perfect balance between the needs of both adults and children. When you start your search, keep in mind things like living arrangements, location, and outdoor space to narrow down the possibilities. You’ll find your client’s dream home in no time!

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