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The Importance of SEO for San Diego Realtors
November 17, 2021

San Diego realtors no longer rely on direct mail to find active property listings. In fact, nearly 90% of home buyers begin their search online.

As a San Diego real estate agent, it’s vital to stand out from your competition online with digital marketing tools and online strategies. One of the best digital marketing approaches for real estate is SEO or also known as Search Engine Optimization.

Starting out, you should start by shepherding an SEO audit of your website. An SEO audit examines your website and shows you how easy it is for organic traffic to find your website and then navigate your web pages. When using SEO services, it is critical to perform an SEO audit on your website and see which web pages are performing well and which web pages need development through a tool like SEMRush.

After that, make the serious website changes the audit proposes, which may necessitate hiring an SEO contractor to help you with technical website work. Guarantee that the website pages are fast enough to avoid high bounce rates (users navigating away from your website because of slow speeds).

Some familiar and useful tools for local SEO include:

Google Analytics (for website)

Google Search Console (for website traffic)

Growthbar (content tool)

Georanker (research and monitor SEO strategy)

Using these SEO tools can help you have a completely optimized website and generate real estate leads in no time.

Ways to Use SEO Services to Help Your San Diego Real Estate Business

With the right SEO tools in place, anticipate an increase in organic traffic to your website from users cruising your active listings. San Diego realtors can also take advantage of local SEO by crafting single property websites (which is a pro tip). These localized San Diego property listing websites are optimized to help buyers find their property listings without using a portal.

Another way you can increase traffic to your website is to pen guest posts for other websites. Guest blogging can help form brand awareness in your industry and grow link building back to your website. Link building is an operative way to develop your SEO. When other websites link back to your site, Google understands that your website is a trustworthy source of info.

SEO Marketing Strategies for San Diego Realtors

Using SEO for San Diego real estate agents is not as hard as it may first seem. Including SEO for your real estate business will severely improve your online traffic and help you grow authority on search engines.