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The Best Apps for San Diego Realtors to use in 2021

As a San Diego realtor, you may spend lots of time rearranging different responsibilities such as holding open houses, driving to clients, and appearing at closings.

Eventually, you lose so much time that you could have used selling. Fortunately, there are productive real estate apps that can help you get work done resourcefully.

In real estate jobs, safety can be a concern as there are times when you meet clients alone in remote places. This article looks at the best apps for real estate agents to improve productivity and safety.

Bsafe is an app that gives your peace of mind, letting you focus on selling. The Bsafe app has a provision where you can give a guardian or emergency contacts. If an emergency happens, you can send an SOS signal to your contact by saying a particular phrase or merely pressing a button. Once the signal is received, the individual can see your location and real-time video and audio. With Bsafe, your data saves even if your phone gets ruined.

Google Maps is a must-have app for San Diego real estate agents. With Google Maps, you can get correct directions to any location. Google Maps gives you the precise location and also has the choice of sending a location pin to your clients. Google Maps is free and available through all smartphones.

Dotloop removes the need to visit clients for document verification and authorization. You can upload and send documents stipulating places that need to get signed by the client over the app. This information is encrypted, and all signatures are e-verified, meaning it’s harmless.

Here are a few others that you should try:



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Try any of the above productivity apps for real estate agents to improve your productivity and safety.

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