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When it comes to showing a home, it’s important to have the home in good condition. The home’s condition at the time of the showing will impact a buyer’s interest. It will also determine the value of the offer made. As such, there are some repair issues that it is vital to have taken care of before the showing.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is unattractive at best, and potentially hazardous at worst. Though lead paint was banned from being used in homes built in 1978 or later, older homes are more likely to have lead paint used in or on them. That can be a serious health hazard. Even if the home is newer and doesn’t have lead paint, it’s still important to fix any peeling paint that is found. A home’s paint is part of what makes it look attractive or dilapidated. If the home has peeling paint, someone looking at it might be less interested in buying it.

Plumbing Leaks

Noisy plumbing leaks can be aggravating, but the sound probably isn’t as annoying as the extra money it’s costing in the water bill. While a leaky faucet doesn’t typically cost too much, the costs can add up. Even over a year, a constantly running toilet can run up to $70 per month. That adds up pretty fast. A plumbing leak can also cause a lot of damage if it’s leaking outside of the piping system. Water damage can cause mold growth and weaken the structure of a home. If someone looking at a home notices plumbing leaks, that can lead to a hard, fast no on the house.

Broken Appliances

Since appliances are often included along with the home, you should make sure they all work. People looking to buy a home are often wary of appliances that look broken.  At a bare minimum, all appliances should be deep cleaned so they look their best. Anything that’s broken should be repaired. Ideally, however, broken appliances should be replaced.  New or shiny appliances are going to appeal to people looking at the home.  If you can, replace them with energy-efficient models. This will be especially attractive to buyers who want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

HVAC System

How comfortable is the house in the middle of summer’s blazing heat? What about freezing winter temperatures? The state of the house’s HVAC system will have a lot to say about that. Before showing a home, it’s important to identify and address any existing issues with the system. An inspection and tune-up is a great way to do this. An inspection can also reveal inefficiencies in the HVAC system. Once you’ve had it inspected, you can fix any problems the inspector may find.

Damaged Floors

Damaged floors are a problem no matter what flooring material has been used. Floors can be easily damaged, whether it’s peeling vinyl or scratched hardwood. Depending on the type of damage done to the flooring, it could constitute a tripping hazard. Homeowners can be liable for hazards like these. Eliminating these hazards can make people more comfortable buying the property.

If the flooring is made from vinyl or hardwood, it’s possible to replace just the damaged portion. That way, you can save money by not replacing the whole thing. It may even be possible to patch a carpet if it’s done carefully. If the damage is extensive, replace the floors to create greater value.

Dirty Walls

Peeling paint isn’t the only problem when it comes to the walls of a home. Dirty walls are also unattractive and can leave a bad taste in the mouth of someone looking at the home. Depending on how long the walls have been dirty and what’s making them dirty, they may be pretty tough to clean.  You want them to be clean, but you don’t want to damage them in the process. Cleaning the wall properly will help make sure it stays in good condition.

Substances that have been on walls for a long time tend to be more difficult to remove. However, that doesn’t mean you should just go ham on scrubbing. Scrubbing too hard can damage a wall. Use a cloth or sponge that will get the stain out without being too abrasive. Also, pay attention to the type of cleaning fluid you are using. Take a look at the ingredients to make sure it won’t damage whatever surface the walls are made of.

If the homeowner is a smoker, getting nicotine stains out of walls can be difficult. It’s important to understand the proper way to remove dirt or stains from the walls so they look clean. Dirty or damaged walls will make people seeing the home wonder what else is wrong with it. This could easily be a deal-breaker.

Burnt Out Light Bulbs

It’s important to make sure that the lights on the property are in good working order. That means turning on every single light inside the home, as well as those on the exterior. This is just one important detail to make the house look perfect. Inspect the house for any that may be burnt out and replace them as necessary. There are many different types of light bulbs, but LEDs are the best. They may be expensive, but the upfront expense is usually offset by the long-term savings.

Before you show a home, some issues may need to be addressed. You want to be able to present the home in the best possible light. The more attractive the house is, the more likely someone will want to buy it. The home needs to be clean and in good repair. That will help the home make the best impression possible on anyone looking at it. Take a good look at the home before a showing and make sure it’s in great condition for visitors and real estate photography.

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