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How to Get the Most Out of Your San Diego Property Listing

Are you getting the most out of every one of your San Diego property listings? Or do you merely add them to your website and broadcast them on social media, hoping that possible buyers will show up to open houses or call you to do a showing? If you aren’t using real estate video and social proof to market yourself and the San Diego homes you represent, you are missing the ship. This is your chance to reasonably generate traffic to your property listing site and your social profiles and increase your visibility and dependability. Not sure how to use social proof of video to market your brand and get the most out of your San Diego listings? This blog will help you.

San Diego Property Listing

To use social proof to get ahead of your opposition and get the most out of your property listings, ask each individual you work with for a video testimonial and a review after their deal is complete. You can also automate the procedure of asking for testimonials and reviews with a CRM system so you never miss a chance. However not all your clients will agree to it, you will probably have at least a few who will be happy to talk about their good experience.

You can also ask other experts in the San Diego real estate industry such as mortgage loan officers, title company owners, stagers, and remodeling pros to film endorsement videos of what it’s like to work with you. This will show your prospects that you are well-respected within the local community and will make them more likely to choose you to sell their San Diego home instead of your competition.

To make the most of each listing, do quick and simple videos of you walking around the home and pointing out distinct features. You can also film short real estate videos of points of interest in the neighborhood such as favorite restaurants, gyms, or shopping centers. Film ribbon cuttings of local companies, neighborhood happenings like farmer’s markets or art festivals, and the yearly lighting of the town Christmas tree. Use these real estate videos to market each home you have for sale.

In addition to property listing videos, you can also film videos of yourself explaining the current San Diego market, talking about mortgage interest rates, or giving other valued advice to those buying or selling a home in SD. You can also film lifestyle videos showing your clients and prospects what it looks like to be a San Diego real estate agent or share your hobbies through quick how-to videos. This helps you build a relationship with potential clients and sets you apart from other realtors who are shy away from getting behind the camera.

With the help of a real estate media expert, you can connect the power of social proof and video and take your brand to the next level.

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