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How to Get Featured in San Diego Real Estate Magazines

Have you ever observed that the folks quoted and featured in top San Diego real estate magazines aren’t so different from you? Maybe a quote echoes your thoughts, or you find yourself with prized insights that would be a great addition to a San Diego real estate article. Have you ever questioned why the individuals quoted were given this platform, and how they got there?

The good news is; you are only a few paces away from joining the ranks of San Diego real estate experts who are featured in the top magazines. Here’s how to make that happen.

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Build strong relationships

One of the most significant steps for getting featured in top San Diego real estate magazines with excellent credibility is creating relationships with editors and writers. You can go about this by sending personalized emails to introduce yourself and share what you like about their last issue. Another good way is to find them on social media and start interacting. Twitter is a good platform for building relationships with editors and writers because it allows for a quick conversation of ideas and opens the door for a more in-depth talk.

Be a mindful consumer

When you read San Diego real estate magazines or real estate columns in broader publications, take your notes. What is the writing flair like, what angle does the author take, what’s new about their content? Familiarizing yourself with the kinds of articles a magazine tends to put out will help you brainstorm concepts that are applicable to them, which makes them more possible to pick up your idea and feature your luxury San Diego real estate business! Keep a running list of insights and concepts that come up for you as you read.

Avoid one-size-fits-all email messages

When it comes time to reach out to authors and editors at your favorite real estate magazines, tailor your email messages to that exact publication. Writing up a copy-and-paste email is highly doubtful to work because each real estate magazine has its own voice, audience, and style. As an alternative, create a loose template that you can start from, then revise and personalize from there. This cuts down on redundant time spent while also permitting you to show each magazine that you’re considerately engaging with their content and that you have something to share that their audience will truly be engrossed in!

Be a resource 

Some third-party websites can be good tools in helping you unite with writers who need your knowledge. Occasionally magazines outside of trade publications will publish pieces about real estate, and you want to be the professional they quote and feature! Websites like HARO can be an awesome resource for getting connected with reporters who need quotes or who are looking for a professional to hypothesize an idea. This is a good way to showcase your know-how and get your name out there!

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