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Four Easy Ways to Stage a Room to Help It Sell
December 31, 2019

Staging your home to sell is one of the best ways to make sure that your place catches the eye of potential buyers. Luckily, since you need to pack anyway, you can do a lot of staging while you’re boxing things up. Here are four easy ways to stage a room, which will help in the selling process.

Maximize the Space When You Stage A Room

Leave as much floor space open as possible. You may need to rent a storage unit to store furniture that you plan to move but don’t need right now. Occasional tables, small side chairs and bookcases are useful pieces of furniture. However, they may make your home appear cluttered when you’re trying to sell. Also, be sure to put away personal items when you stage a room. If you have a platform bed frame, use the storage underneath to hold boxed-up family photos. Most master bedrooms have a king or queen size bed, but you may want to adjust depending on the layout of the room. If the bed is especially large or tall for the space, remove other pieces of furniture that get in the way of the walking path around the bed.

Hire a Cleaning Crew

You need to pack, find another house, and keep the rest of your life going. Once you’ve got the storage unit rented and have moved over some of your furniture, you probably won’t have the energy (or desire) to do your own cleaning. Instead, it’s smart to hire a cleaning crew to make your house sparkle. Just make sure everything is picked up from flat surfaces so that the cleaning crew can come through and polish everything to a shine.

Stage A Room With Color Theory

The walls may be the same color throughout your home, but you can still make each room stand out by creating collections of color in one space. For example, a bedroom with a blue bedspread can become the blue room. Consider adding a blue throw across a small chair or draping a bureau with a blue scarf. Even if you don’t have an extra table cover or throw, try not to feature this color in other rooms to help each room stand out.

Use Light to Stage A Room

Part of making your house open and inviting is to shine a bright light on every corner. Light scented candles in front of mirrors to both brighten your living space and freshen the air. Move lamps to dark corners to make the whole house appear inviting. When you stage a room, remove heavy drapes to allow in as much natural light as possible.Your home has been lovely for you, and now it can be inviting to a buyer when you follow the tips above. Check out more information and our virtual staging services to assist you in the staging and selling process.

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