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2 Easy Tips to Get Higher Offers When Selling Your Listing

If you have little time to sell a home, then we have two simple instructions that require little time and capital from you.

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To maximize your property listings and get the highest conceivable offer, consider the following:

Tip #1: Monitor Interest Rates and List When They’re Low

It only takes 30 seconds to google the average interest rates in your area and if they’re low enough to make a difference when selling your listing.

“Lower interest rates give home buyers more money” is a modest rule to follow. And home buyers with more dough spend more dough.

Of course, there will always be buyers who are driven by other aspects, too. Maybe their families are growing, they’re moving for a new job, or they need to move closer to conveniences. These buyers make up the bulk of house hunters and will always be on the prowl for a new home, no matter what the interest rates are.

But our recommendation is to center on buyers who have been looking to move out of their local towns, get a larger yard, upgrade their current dwellings, etc., and have been waiting for the perfect chance to buy. These buyers usually have a specific budget and home in mind but have detached the possibility of owning it due to financial restrictions.

Lower interest rates can change all of that, as lower rates allow home buyers to borrow more money while also dropping their monthly mortgage payments. In turn, buyers may raise their budgets and snag the dream homes they earlier believed to be unattainable.

Here’s another rule that’s good to hark back to: When selling a home, you’re only accepting one offer, and this offer can be much greater if the timing is right.

Tip #2: Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer

This last tip couldn’t be easier.

When selling your property listing, you want to make sure that your property looks wonderful for potential homebuyers to see. And when you want something to look its finest, you hire a real estate professional to do the job. This is true in real estate, with 74% of San Diego agents saying that hiring a specialized real estate photographer drives more traffic to their listings and generates more eligible leads.

Real Estate Photographer

This is just as important from the buyer’s viewpoint, whose first step in the house-hunting method is to weed out those homes that don’t look as good in photos. It sounds picky, like swiping left on a dating app, but it’s the reality of today’s online home search process.