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CURB360’s SMART Video Package: Perfect for all properties
April 29, 2021

Here at CURB360, we’ve long provided professional video content for our clients, helping their properties to stand out from the crowd.

But for smaller homes with lower sale prices, we realized that our Professional and Premium Video Packages were often a little out of reach.

With that in mind, we’ve worked long and hard to create a video package suited to smaller homes. And we’re now excited to offer a high-end video option for these listings too.

With our SMART Video Package, you can get quality video, no matter the sale price of a property.


Our SMART Video Package at a glance.

So what can you expect from our SMART Video Package? This service promises:

  • A one-minute listing video — branded, professionally edited and MLS ready
  • A dedicated property website
  • HD photography (with blue skies guaranteed)
  • Speedy 24 hour turnaround time

Pricing is affordable, ranging from $399 for condos up to $499 for larger homes.

So far so good? Let’s take a dive into the details.


Property video to wow your buyers & sellers


Our videos are a far cry from the shakily filmed, unedited smartphone videos you sometimes see on listings.

They are professionally filmed and edited. Which means they’re really successful at building buyer excitement. 

Before your buyers have even stepped through the door, they’ll have a real sense of what the property is all about.

Expert videographers

Because our professional videographers specialize in real estate video, they know exactly which aspects of a property to capture.

They present the property in its best possible light and showcase the features that buyers are sure to fall in love with.

From lighting to shooting to the final edit, they ace every step of the process.

Quick turnaround to help you get ahead of the competition

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to selling property. So we deliver your property media in superfast time.

In fact, all the services in this package – including video – are delivered within 24 hours! 

We operate as an extension of your company — your dedicated media team. This means we’ll work around your schedule, organizing shoots at a time to suit you and the homeowner.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly and unobtrusively our videographers and photographers can capture the scenes they need.

Video to use across your platforms

You can use your CURB360 SMART video wherever you please. From an MLS to your property website to your social media channels — wherever you plan to reach prospective buyers.  

Used in multiple locations, that one minute of footage really goes a long way.

Want to arrange a CURB360 SMART video for your next listing?

Wondering what our property videography and photography could do for you and your sales? Get in touch to book a shoot or to find out more.