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CURB360: Introducing the Team
May 26, 2021

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You’re probably familiar with CURB360’s incredible real estate photography. (If not, take a look at it here.) But what about the guys behind the camera?

We thought it was about time we introduced our team of photographers – the awesome people who make CURB360 what it is.  

These guys are all dedicated to their craft and super talented at what they do. (Just check out those twilight shots if you don’t believe us!)

But where do they like to eat in San Diego? How would their friends describe them? And what exactly would their superpower be?

Ready to get under the skin of our real estate photography team? Read on to find out some fun facts about some of our favorite people.  


Some of our New CURB 360 Photographers


Our photographer Saman (better known as Sam) is originally from Iran. He admits to trying pretty much every burger joint in San Diego and never leaves the house without a camera over his shoulder. 

Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Anything outdoors (accompanied by my camera, of course).

If you weren’t such an amazing photographer, what would you be? A professional dog whisperer.

Any pets? Not yet, but one day. I’d like lots of chickens, a few goats, a bunch of dogs, and a cow –– all rescues.

The title of your autobiography: He Survived! (My outdoor adventures are never completely thought out.)

The best compliment you’ve ever received: A note from a 7-year-old boy I photographed. It said, “Sam! You are very nice and funny.”

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? I’d travel through Europe and Asia. Iceland and Japan are at the top of my list.



Pete hails from Indiana, Indianapolis. He’s big into boxing and in another life, he’d have been a personal trainer instead of a world-class photographer. 

Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Going hiking and camping.

Any pets? A cattle dog called Rezzy.

What three words would your friends use to describe you? Loyal. Dependable. Spontaneous.

What are you most likely to be doing at the weekend? Shooting a wedding.

Favorite place to eat in San Diego: Cowboy Star Restaurant.

Favorite TV show: Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out.



Creativity could be Alex’s middle name. (We don’t think it is but then we’ve not actually asked him!) When Alex isn’t shooting incredible real estate photographs, he’s writing and performing his own music. 

If you were a superhero, what would your superpowers be? I’d want to understand everything about a person so I could learn how to interact with them most effectively.

If you weren’t such an amazing photographer, what would you be? Aside from photography, music is what fuels me.

What do you love most about your job? I get really flattered when I can see that I’ve inspired real emotion in someone with work that I’ve produced.

If you travel anywhere, where would you go? Anywhere with my girlfriend, friends, and/or family.

Favorite song: I’m Through With Love by Steve Tyrell.

Name a song you know all the words to. I’ve memorized too many songs to count, including the ones I’ve written.



New Yorker Mike knows all the words (and we mean all the words) to The Humpty Dance. Embarrassing talents aside, this guy knows how to frame an exceptional property photograph and we’re super lucky to have him on the team. 

Favorite thing to do in San Diego: Mountain biking.

If you weren’t such an amazing photographer, what would you be? A professional athlete.

The best compliment you’ve ever received: Best photographer ever.

Favorite place to eat in San Diego: Blue Water.

What fictional place would you love to visit? The Shire in Lord of the Rings.

The book currently on your nightstand: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari


Want to work with our photographers?

We love working with these guys. They’re San Diego locals. They get a kick out of supporting local San Diego businesses. And – like the rest of the CURB360 team – they know the property market inside out.

They combine creative flair with practical know-how and the customer service you’ll come to expect from the whole CURB360 experience.

If you want this kind of talent on your team, take a look at our real estate media services. We work closely with our clients, acting as your own dedicated media department and shooting according to your timelines.


What can you expect from the CURB360 service? 

From photography to videography to 3D Matterport, we can provide high-quality real estate media for your next property. Our photographers know which property features really appeal to buyers. And they’re well-practiced in capturing them to perfection.

Tight deadlines to meet? No problem. We offer fast turnaround – as quick as 24 hours for most projects – along with media plan price points to suit every property sale.

So what are you waiting for? Showcase your properties in their best possible light. Get our team on your team and book your shoot today.