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Creative Ways to Get More Reviews as a Temecula Realtor
December 20, 2021

As an experienced Temecula real estate agent, you likely have a ton of past clients who would say delightful things about working with you. But, if you never reach out to these clients and ask them if they would be eager to share their experiences, you lose out on a great form of marketing. Asking for, getting, and marketing testimonials is not an easy method. It can be time-consuming—particularly if you’re not sure the right way to go about doing it. Here’s more data on why testimonials are significant, why many Temecula realtors don’t effectively use them, and why a testimonial-generation system is your new best friend.

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Components of a Great Review

The goal of a decent testimonial is to build confidence, brand your agency, and create new leads—all at the same time. Although written testimonials are good, video testimonials work the best. With a video testimonial, your leads get to see facial expressions, hear voice variations, and better experience the emotions of your past or existing client. Here are some of the workings of a perfect video testimonial:

Reliable source. The more material you give about the individual doing the testimonial, the better. Full names, places of occupation, and the meticulous service you performed for the individual give the testimonial strength.

Innovative content. If you provide the same script for everybody who agrees to do a review for you, the content will be uninspired and weak. Ask the client giving the testimonial to speak from the soul. It doesn’t matter if what they say isn’t flawless. In fact, testimonials with a few flubs may even look more authentic.

Decent quality. It’s conceivable to film reviews on your phone. But, if you really want to take your brand to the next level, it’s a great idea to have a professional videographer shoot, create, and edit your testimonials.

As a Temecula realtor, the best way to set up a review system is to work with media experts that specialize in working with Temecula realtors to grow their businesses.

If you’re a Temecula realtor dedicated agency like CURB360 will help you so you can best use it to get the powerful testimonials needed for social proof-based real estate marketing. If you’re ready to tap into the influence of past clients and use reviews to take your agency to the next level, please let us know. We’d love to be your partner!