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Clever Ways to Sell the San Diego Lifestyle, Not Just a House

It’s very easy for homebuyers to get flabbergasted by the sea of “3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2-car garage” San Diego listing descriptions. If a buyer only cared about those kinds of things, they would offer on the first house that went up in their home search. The fact is, San Diego buyers are looking for a lifestyle, not just a place to live. They want to picture themselves and their family taking evening strolls around the beach that’s a few blocks away or sipping morning coffee in the warm sunshine provided by their west-facing patio.

San Diego listing

As a San Diego listing agent, your goal should be to paint the picture of what it will be like for a San Diego homebuyer to live in the four walls you’re trying to sell.

Let’s talk about two different ways you can do that right away.

  1. Craft a “Top Ten” List

The purpose of a “Top 10” list is to highlight the ten best things about living in the home that a homebuyer wouldn’t otherwise know or think about unless it was pointed out to them. Ask the seller to jot down the ten best things they like about living in their area and home. Examples could include the best spot to enjoy a movie, their favorite local food spot, picturesque hiking trails within walking distance, the best local events, or anything else that paints the picture of what kind of lifestyle that home you are trying to sell provides.

Once your seller provides the list, all you have to do is present it nicely to reach buyers. The best places to show the Top 10 list are would be on a table by the entryway or the kitchen counter. When potential homebuyers read through the list during a showing, they will make an emotional connection to the home, which will with any luck entice them to make a bid!

  1. Highlight the Season

Another way to help San Diego homebuyers picture themselves living in a home is to showcase the current season. The most noticeable way to do this is with home decor. For example, cozy blankets and pillows for wintertime, pool toys in the pool (if possible) for summer, planted flowers for spring, and so on.

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