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7 Tricks Real Estate Agents Can Use to Get an Edge Over Their Competition

The real estate industry is a highly competitive market. On a constant basis, professionals have to work hard to attract new business and stand out. The number of clients that real estate agents work with determines their success. This makes it necessary to have an edge over other professionals in the local area. For those who are looking to earn more, there are a few tricks to get an edge over the competition.

High-Resolution Images

The images that are used to advertised homes in the local area determine how many potential buyers decide to visit the property. They help your listing to stand out on the market. It’s important to use high-resolution images and hire a professional photographer. Make sure they take pictures of the inside and outside of the property. The photographer should also be capable of editing the photos before they’re posted.


One of the main ways that millennials have an advantage in the real estate industry is they take advantage of technology to promote their services and to conduct property searches online. Buyers want to use a professional that will respond to them immediately and is easy to reach. It’s also important to utilize technology to make yourself easy to find. For example, think about ways to gain more exposure by having a platform on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to stay active on social media. You will need to post regularly to ensure that you remain connected to your contacts. This will likely earn you more business throughout the year. Utilizing technology also means having an impressive website. Your site should have a similar design and tone as your social media accounts. The website should be mobile-friendly, which is how 80 percent of people now browse the internet.

Online Lead Generators

One of the best tools that real estate agents use to amplify their real estate sales funnel is online lead generators. With these programs, it allows agents to choose which leads they want to work with on a consistent basis. You can also create a lead magnet on your website. For example, offer a free e-book that provides helpful information to potential clients. Make sure that it requires an email address to download the book. You’ll have an effective way of obtaining more email addresses with a book that offers tips on how to sell a home quickly, how to find the perfect home, and what to look for when hiring a realtor.

Sponsored Events

There is an easy way to market yourself and become a recognizable face and name in the community. This is to sponsor events throughout the year. Consider backing a school function or a sports team. They may allow you to have signage, a table at the event. They may even be amenable to you distributing marketing materials to attendees. This will work to boost your visibility. It will also allow you to develop a solid reputation for your contributions in the local area.

Online Reviews

The online reviews that you accumulate will often be the deciding factor if potential clients choose to hire you. Did you know that customers are 31% more likely to choose positively reviewed agents over agents without any reviews? Unfortunately, collecting them can be tough. Make it a point to ask your clients for reviews and be upfront. Strive to get at least five solid reviews if you’re starting out as a real estate agent.

Referral System

You can get more business by creating a referral system that offers incentives to your clients if they recommend your services to their family members and friends. Consider offering movie tickets, a donation to their favorite charity, and gift certificates to encourage them to make an effort to refer you to other buyers or sellers.

Professional Staging Photography and Video 

Professional staging photography and video are here to stay, which makes it necessary to use it as a lead generator strategy and to develop your brand. It’s also important because the visual aspect leads more potential buyers to look at the listing. Potential clients will be able to see your personality and learn more information rather than having to read a lot of content on your website or social media page. 

Using video can also help you to stay connected to your audience by providing them with updates, recent news, and homes that you’re currently showing with virtual tours offered. You may attract more serious clients who want to make an appointment for a showing if they can preview each home via video first.

By learning about the different tools and tricks that real estate professionals can utilize in the industry, it can allow them to stand out and beat out their competition when it comes to attracting more clients both now and in the future. Those who want to succeed will need to be willing to evolve and stay updated on the latest technology and trends to ensure they can continue to have an edge as a professional.

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