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Selling a luxury home worth a few million dollars is nothing like selling a single-family home. Luxury home buyers want to get the most for their money. Here is a list of seven must-have amenities that will attract your potential buyer’s attention.

Outdoor Kitchen With Pool

Most luxury home buyers intend to host gatherings for close friends or professional colleagues. An outdoor kitchen with a pool is the perfect gathering place for such meetings. It enables them to bond and expand their network. The ideal outdoor kitchen will have a built-in gas grill, a counter for food-prep, a stone oven, and a small fridge for cold drinks. Your buyer might also be interested in comfortable seating areas to entertain guests.

A Security System

Home security is extremely important to luxury home buyers. There are many options out there. For example, there are dozens of home security providers that will install and monitor a home. There are also several DIY security solutions that will save you money—but not necessarily time. DIY home security systems usually involve a hub, wireless sensors, and cameras that can quickly be installed. These systems pair with many smart home gadgets already on the market. This gives you more flexibility to add other security amenities—such as smart gates and doors.


Going green and eco-friendly is the trend these days, and many luxury homeowners know it. Solar panels give homes a luxury upgrade. They also work to reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint and increase the value of the property. Beyond that, electricity costs are increasing steadily. It’s possible that the panels will generate all the power a house needs. If not, going hybrid will still help your clients save on their monthly expenses. Solar panels tend to last between 25-40 years. In general, homeowners can recover the cost within 10 years. There are also many government and tax incentives to go solar.

An Open Floor Plan

One of the main attractions to luxury homes is more space. To your buyers, a grand staircase is a symbol of luxury. An open floor plan means the common areas of the house are open and accessible within a single living area. Open floor plans allow for more social time, better airflow, and better lighting. To enhance an open floor plan, your buyer can install skylights and large windows.

Home Theater

Home theater rooms are already included most luxury homes. However, there are ways to improve on them. Home theaters should be equipped with smart technology and lush theater seating. They should also include a minibar stocked with drinks and snacks. Essentially, home theaters should be so comfortable that your buyers never want to leave.

Home Automation System

Convenience is one of the key factors that influence luxury home purchases. Smart home gadgets make convenience possible. Set up the home to be as convenient as possible in terms of upkeep. There is a multitude of automated vacuum cleaners available for carpet, wood floor, and tiles. Gadgets—such as smart gates, doors, locks, lights, sound, thermostats, and cleaning—should be integrated into a voice assistant system. These include Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. This will make home upkeep as easy as possible.

Private Gym and Spa

Lastly, consider setting up a private gym and spa in an extra room for your buyers. Everyone these days is preoccupied with health and wellness. From protein shakes to green juices to wholefoods, people are looking for ways to stay healthy. A private gym and spa will cater to health-conscious buyers. If the property already has a private gym and spa, you can consider possible renovations and additional amenities. These may include an outdoor shower, changing area, entertainment, and massage tables.

Most luxury home buyers already know what they want in their dream home. They are simply searching for homes that meet those criteria. There are certain things you can do to make a home more attractive to them. Updating certain home systems and technological features will help improve the home’s value. Due to shifting trends, luxury amenities tend to come and go. Make sure the home is upgraded to the most current amenities buyers are searching for.

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