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3D Floor Plan Virtually Staged

We scan your property and create customizable 2D and 3D floor plans to enhance your listings. Choose from a wide variety of add-ons that boost your revenue.

3D Floor Plan

Showcase the property at its maximum potential

Let buyers easily understand how their furniture could fit into their new home. Your 3D Floor Plans will include realistic materials and furniture.

+ Floor Plan

Floor plan with fixed furniture, custom styling and so much more

With the CURB360 Floor Plan package, you get the ultimate floor plan that includes fixed furniture, total area dimensions with breakdown options, custom styling, custom disclaimer and PNG, JPG, SVG file outputs.

Home Report

Get detailed and unique interior property data, all visualized in a simple way

Get room by room dimensions, square footage and other details with the new upgraded Home Report. This helps prospective home buyers deeply understand if the home is the right fit for them.

Extra Add-ons you can purchase

Get CAD Files, GLA Report and 48 hour turnaround with PLUS

From our scan, you get a floor plan and access to add-ons such as CAD files, GLA report and 48 hour turnaround. Note: the GLA report is ANSI-aligned and is used mostly for appraisals.

3D Video Render

Elevate Reality with Mesmerizing 3D Video Renders

From our scan, we can transform your property and bring it to life with astounding 3D video renders. The virtual walkthrough-like video is 1-3 minutes long, based on the size of the property.

Home Report